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Hello and welcome to Le Voeu Events Company.

An event is defined as ‘a planned and organized happening that is of importance’. We believe it is a coming-together of people to express a unique moment in time, the event’s message and vision.

You may be planning your first event or you may be an experienced member of your party-planning committee; from private social gatherings to weddings of friends and family, to large corporate and or National level events. We truly understand the significance, and relief, of having dedicated and skilled help at any stage of the creation of your event’s vision.

My name is Jade, and I am the founder of Le Voeu Events Company. My journey began over a decade ago when I was employed in a large HR department overseeing a multitude of details. I quickly discovered my aptitude, and growing fascination, for creating systems and organizing details. My expanding interest in managing events led me to more and more participation in organized events all around the world. Finally, my pursuit of this desire brought me to a point of clarity; I found my passion in Life: to help orchestra events that they will cherish and remember.

Taking a leap of faith, I resigned from my career of over 13 years to focus on bringing the company you see today to life. I acquired certifications in business management, image consultancy, and wedding specializations. Equipped with only my core values and a massive passion to serve the event industry. In August 2018 I founded my team, I created our office space, established vendor relations through collaborations. It was a very challenging beginning, and we are still facing challenges today, but I feel honored that we have been able to serve over 30 events in our first year-and-a-half of operation, and we will continue to grow our services passionately.

The more comprehensive the help you need, so too does the level of complexity for the planning and execution we have to oversee. The amount of coordination parts would be impossible without proper organizational skill and high attention to details. That is why I believe in truly listening to our clients and being attentive to their needs and concerns. This is a core value I have instilled into our company culture which I believe would benefit our clients the most. We are ready to serve your event as though it was our own, because ultimately, we want to help you create & manage the event that you envisioned

If you have an event to plan or manage, Contact us to learn how we can be a solution to your event management needs.

Sincerely here to serve you, The Le Voeu Events Company team.

Meet Our Team

Jade, founder of Le Voeu Events Company, started her career as administrative and human resources personnel in the Oil & Gas industry. While at work, she was involved in the committee for staff parties and annual dinners where she discovered her fervent interest in management and organizing and eventually, her love for the fast-paced work environment of the event planning industry.

Known for being organized, detailed, and a thoughtful planner, Jade’s passion lies is managing the behind-the- scenes of events so that clients do not have to worry about them. Jade work best with busy professionals who have a solid idea of the style and atmosphere they would like for their events. They trust the work she does and values her professional experience and dedication towards their projects. They believe the most important part of their event is that they can truly enjoy the planning process without being hand’s-on on everything while still being able to embrace every moment with their treasured guests.

Combining passion for orchestrating events and extreme sensitivity to her client’s desires and demands allows Jade to deliver seamless and experiential value to her clients and their guests. This is because she knows that in this industry, she isn’t given the luxury of a second chance. It is either done right the first time or it is not. Hence her belief and dedication in providing her vast planning expertise for the success of her clients’ events.


As the co-founder of Le Voeu Events Company, Melvin has over 20 years of experience in offering Audio-Visual systems. A self-driven, dedicated and focused individual, Melvin strongly believes that there is no substitute to hard work.

He has successfully managed and organized countless events including conferences, private functions as well as national events with ease and professionalism. Melvin strives to offer outstanding AV solutions by providing adequate guidance and consultation services to clients and is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure smooth execution and unmatched event management services. Melvin has always been at the forefront of offering meticulous planning & implementation together with his ability to offer relevant technical suggestions and ideas for events.

With a proven track record of providing quality technical services, Melvin has never failed to deliver hassle-free execution and expert AV assistance for all types of events. He has mastered the art of handling every event with great precision, while also gaining 100% client satisfaction and industry-wide recognition.


Wedding Services 2020 / 2021

Getting started package – from $250

Your wedding day is the one day when you want everything to be perfect. It can be stressful to think about all the details involved in planning your wedding. Our getting started package, is for client who want to do and plan everything themselves, but need a professional consultation to offer some general solutions to some of the hurdles they may have encountered so far.

Contact us today to chat about your wedding and learn how we could be the perfect fit for you

Start Planning
Wedding Day Management – From $1,800 to $2,300

Also known as ‘Month-of’ coordination or ‘Day-of’ coordination, this package is designed for the couple who has the desire, time & enthusiasm to do the planning herself but needs an event professional to tie up the loose ends, and manage the “Day-of” details including confirming details, timing and wedding day logistics with all contracted vendors.

You’ve handled the wedding planning, now let us handle the management and coordination. All you have to do is relax and enjoy each moment as your wedding day unfolds. How incredible does that feel? Contact us right now to learn how Wedding Day Management can help you enjoy every moment of your wedding day celebration.

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Partial Planning Services – from $3,800

You have booked the perfect venue, have a general wedding budget, and maybe even booked a few of your event’s professionals already. Now what? You know there is so much more to planning this celebration, but you are worried about making a wrong decision or missing key deadlines. Does this sound familiar?

If so, contact us today to chat about your wedding and learn how Partial Planning Services could be the perfect fit for you! Now you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

Start Planning
Full Planning Services - $5,800 or 10% of total project value

You’re engaged! Now comes the daunting task of planning the wedding day. Where do you even start and how are you going to juggle 100+ hours of wedding planning with everything else you have going on? Your professional planner will be your go-to person for everything wedding-related. From choosing the venue, creating a personalized style, managing the budget, hiring the best event professionals, choosing the invitations, creating detailed schedules, and managing all the logistics on the wedding day, your wedding planner will be with you every step of the way. You still get to participate as much as you want and make all the final decisions, without having the stress of planning and managing all the details.

Get in touch today to learn how Full Planning Services will allow you to enjoy the planning process, keep up with your regular commitments, and feel confident and stress-free that you are making the best choices for your once-in- a-lifetime celebration!

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Wedding Ceremony Management – from $480

Planning your wedding ceremony can be one of the most daunting but also the most rewarding parts of the entire wedding planning process! Apart from the planning and coordinating you’ll need someone to keeping track of all th details and the timeline. You’re starting to feel overwhelmed and just aren’t sure where to start. Take a breath and rest assured that you’re in the right place! We’ve rounded up our ceremony planning to walk you through every step.

Contact us today to chat about how we can take all of your hard work and make it come to life so you can stay present and enjoy the celebration.

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Ala Carte Wedding Services

Sometimes you just need a few extra help! Our À La Carte or Add-On Services are tasks or details that are not typically included in the standard wedding packages. If you are a busy professional and do not have time for some task-based services or assistance with elements for your wedding our A LA Carte services is exactly what you are looking for.

If so, contact us today to chat about your wedding and learn how Ala Carte Services Services could be the perfect fit for you! Now you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that you don’t have to figure it all out on your own.

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Our Core services

Corporate Events Management

Without doubt, planning an event is a hectic task. Managing the many elements can often be stressful with components being neglected or forgotten. This mistake either cause minor annoyance or can completely ruin your event. At Le Voeu Events Company will take full responsibility for the planning till through execution of your event. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, planning and organizing the day’s activities, coordinating internal resources and external vendors and suppliers, working with respective committee members, managing setup and tear down, coordinating and management of the event on confirmed date.

Contact us to find out how our dedicated team can help you save valuable time, ensure quality elements and produce quality events.

AV Solutions

Everybody notices bad audio at an event and AV quotations can be quite confusing (no doubt, AV is complex). Many times, people find themselves unfamiliar with AV terms and then agree to a quotation as long as it is within their budget and they assume things will be OK. This is a horrible big mistake!

At Le Voeu we will walk you through your quote and explain exactly what you are getting and why you need it for your event. We will ensure that you have the equipment your event needs and not wasteful-irrelevant extras.

Our team of experienced AV Specialist with 20 years of experience are happy to chat with you through the first step of getting the right AV setup for your event – ensuring you pick the right projector and screen, preventing microphone feedbacks, scenic stage lightings and or even live recording strategies, empowering you to make the best AV decision for your event.

Team Building Services

Lack of co-operation in your organization? Have new workers coming in and you want everyone to feel comfortable with each other? Team Building or Team Bonding gives your team a chance to play games and activities to learn how to work with each other better. Debrief and discuss amongst the group of the team challenges. Reflect on positive or negative feedbacks from the group. Through positive and shared experiences!

Speak to us now to tailor your out-of-office day for your team or department to improve on any problem within the team.

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